TRINA: Respect Me, Pay Me and Give Me What I’m Worth | I AM WOMAN with Michi Marshall and more

WATCH MORE → I AM WOMAN | Season 2: Episode 10 In the season finale of I Am Woman, Michi Marshall, Kijafa Vick, Aja Crowder, Alexis Stoudemire, Ashley Wheeler and Chef Tre’ host rapper and songwriter Katrina Taylor. The cast discuss everything from Trina’s career, the death of her brother and mother, and her becoming recently engaged. Michi starts off the show by gifting Trina her “roses” for paving the way for her and other woman to express themselves in a raw, sexual and feminine way that wasn’t always so accepted in the late 90s to early 2000’s. Michi, questioned where Trina gained her confidence during this time that led to her empowering woman nationwide. Trina responds that she grew up around a host of strong woman throughout her childhood. She was taught to have a “make it happen” and “get it done” attitude because in life if you want something you can obtain it if you focus on it. After a successful career, Trina is noted as one of the most influential women to change the face of Hip-Hop. Aja is curious about how Trina’s successful career in music got started and asks her if it started by her having interest in writing poetry. Trina explains that before her career in music began, she was a successful realtor with no intentions to become a rapper. It was not until her good friend and former schoolmate Trickdaddy asked her to be apart of the iconic track known as “Naan” as a favor. Little did she know that this track alone would his would kickstart her career as a rapper. After Trina experienced the loss of her brother Wilbrant Bain in 2013 and her mother Vernessa “Nessa” Taylor in 2019, Kijafa prompts the tough question on how Trina was able to manage the loss while still pursuing a career as a rapper. Trina shared that these two losses was one of the darkest moments throughout her life. She also shares that she tried to use her music as a answer and drown herself in work. After about 2 years after the loss of her mother, Trina admits that she hadn’t fully addressed the pain from the death of her mother. It wasn’t until she was invited to a long-awaited festival in Atlanta where fans showed her unbelievable support that she decided it was time to address the pain. Kijafa navigate the conversation to a more positive vibe and discuss Trina’s news on becoming newly engaged to Raymond Taylor. Trina then drops gems for other women in relationships and shares how she has navigated the dating scene. Chef joins the ladies and serves up Chocolate Ferrero Rocher cake. Chef goes on to share how Trina’s music impacted him from a male perspective and questions her on what her thought are on the current environment for female rappers in the Hip-Hop industry. She shares that female artist must value themselves and understand that they are assets and that they bring a lot more value to the table and they should recognize this and not jump at the first opportunity presented to them. I AM ATHLETE: Official Site: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: HOUSE OF ATHLETE: Official Site: Instagram: Facebook: Apparel Instagram: HoA Supplements on Amazon: #IAMATHLETE #BrandonMarshall #MichiMarshall #KijafaVick #AshleyWheeler #AjaCrowder #AlexisStoudemire #Trina #KatrinaTaylor #DaBaddest


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