Poison Ivi Speaks On Being Boosie’s First Born, Not Using Her Body To Sell Records, Pick Your Poison

Poison Ivi "Off The Porch" Interview Last week we sat down with Poison Ivi for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation she talked about being Boosie’s oldest child, her responsibilities as the older sibling, growing up in Baton Rouge, making it out of the hood, how she felt when her dad was released from prison, challenges of growing up in the spotlight, losing friends, not liking to show off her body, not feeling like she has to show her body to make people listen to her music, getting into an altercation recently, being very observant, hobbies she enjoys, having her own hustle, how she got into rapping, starting to take rap serious after she graduated from high school, preferring to write over freestyling, why she has remained independent, wanting to make real music, making her best music when she’s angry, her thoughts on the rap game right now, being versatile with her music, her project ‘Pick Your Poison’, her favorite songs on the project, and much more! Poison Ivi https://www.instagram.com/poisonivi4x/ DGB Media https://www.dirty-glove.com https://www.instagram.com/dirtygloveb... https://www.instagram.com/dgb_offthep... https://www.twitter.com/DGBastard_ https://www.facebook.com/dirtygloveba... “Dirty Glove Weekly” Playlist http://hyperurl.co/v3kt4h Interview by Mikala Horne https://www.instagram.com/_mikalatv_/ "Off The Porch" is Dirty Glove Bastard's exclusive interview series where artists, producers, DJs & industry insiders are given a platform to tell their unfiltered story. Dirty Glove Bastard was created in 2007 to shine more light on the buzzing, regional music scenes in the South & Midwest. "Off The Porch" Interviews Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... 🔔 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE!


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