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We don’t just get our affiliate links and blast them all over the place.  We do put them into our content in a way that makes the content clean, but I typically put my relevant affiliate links at the bottom of the content I write.

The valuable information that is in our content needs to come first.  Our readers need to understand as much as possible about the topic or topics we are covering.  We would want the same if we were reading somebody else’s posts.

I feel like our readers should read the content uninterrupted and have a chance to think it over for themselves.  Maybe they agree with us 100%.  Maybe only 50%.  Whatever the percentage is, maybe they still decide to buy, or maybe they come back later and read some more on a given subject.

Along with that, I hope this site helps you understand how to get trained in the affiliate marketing world and the limitless possibilities there are as an affiliate.  

Once we understand fully how to research what people want along with our own interests, there are so many different ways to add valuable content along with our affiliate links.

So, there are several different points to learn to navigate and I hope that these pages and my posts will help you do that.

We honestly never stop learning and we work to stay current at this craft.  Affiliate marketing is a craft.  Writing content is a craft.  Researching for our content and giving credit where it is due is also a responsibility and a craft within itself.

Wealthy Affiliate is the education platform I promote and you can take a look and start a free account if you so choose.  You can become an affiliate when you are ready.  

You can reach me at anytime here: jerry@affiliatenavigation.com

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