Taraji P. Henson | Angie Martinez IRL Podcast

This week on Angie Martinez IRL Podcast, her girl Taraji P. Henson joins her for a candid conversation that only two close friends could have. Taraji didn’t sign up for fame, she signed up to create art as she believes art has the power to change and affect lives. But what happens when she looks in the mirror and doesn’t feel like she can provide that lift anymore? When things she thought made her happy don't cut it anymore? She has to go on her own journey to find happiness. But Taraji isn't alone, Angie reveals her own moments of darkness and the awakening she experienced on a trip with Taraji. The two explain what it means to fight for your joy and digest the importance of friends who can save your life. Their convo also explores managing social media addictions in a healthy way, unshakable faith, and a debate over the importance and need of ego. In the words of Taraji, If you have a story to tell, tell it. Website: https://www.angiemartinez.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angiemartinez (Follow) Twitter: https://twitter.com/angiemartinez (Follow) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialangi.... (Like) 2:09 Being addicted to social media 5:51 Taraji explains her purpose 8:30 using gratitude to fight negative thoughts 9:39: Taraji hasn’t been happy for a long time 11:45 the power of telling your story 13:54 the world being overly judgmental 16:08 Taraji is learning patience 17:53 Taraji is going to Bali to find her happiness 19:31 not being around people when you’re not feeling your best 23:38 Taraji breaks down; she feels like she is “fighting for her life.” 25:55 Angie explains a time when she was low, and Taraji comforted her 29:19 the importance of having good friends 31:35 Taraji’s mission to humanize her characters Cookie (Empire) and Shug (Hustle & Flow) 35:23 the good and bad of EGO 36:20 why you shouldn’t strive to be the GREATEST 42:10 Taraji being nominated for her first Oscar 45:50 Taraji on Viola Davis and Regina King winning Emmys

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